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License Support Consultant

License Support Consultant
Dates Employed 2000 – 2005
Employment Duration5 yrs
- Generating license keys to CA customers using 30 Licence Generators before checking contracts and sending the license keys
- Responsible for managing relationships with major customers including MOD, NASA, Maclaren F1 and British Airways
- Liaising directly with members of the sales and sales accounting teams to update contracts and sales as required
- Successfully resolving any problems or concerns clients experience in relation to licensing via face to face meetings and working on a hotline telephone system
- Working in close conjunction with members of the Level I Technical Support Team to provide technical and license support
- Achieving nomination as CA Star on two occasions in recognition of superior contribution to the company
- Receiving a pay bonus as a result of positive customer feedback
Traveling to the head office in USA to learn new software before returning to the UK to deliver subsequent training to the UK license team
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Testimonials from Computer Associates colleges

Bernadette Pitt
Mike's extensive range of skills and flexibility were extremely valuable in the Special Projects Team and as a Sales Accounting Coordinator at CA Technologies. He takes on what is asked of him, learns quickly and then is very generous in training and sharing his expertise with colleagues. His positive attitude attitude is infectious so along with his general interests and hobbies Mike is an extremely dependable and fun person to have in the team.