E-channels Project Manager

- Management of the complex redesign of the 1Office Global Web projects which includes 7 Websites in 1 (Global Web)
- Fully integrated Web shop for 7 countries and bank accounts setup. Also added the new process flows for all elements and Web content.
- Responsibility for the Rebranding and creating the CVI compliance manual for the company.
- Being the main point of contact for 1Office stakeholders
- Working with cross-functional international teams
- Training and giving presentations about new business developments.
- Being the IT problem solver for 1Office Europe.
- Working with the lawyers and accountants and developers to process the new automated development for the KYC (Know your customer) online form.
- Enhancing the business processes for the new GDPR changes.
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Testimonials from 1Office colleges

Kadri Raig
Mike is truly one of the most dedicated and professional coworkers anybody could ever wish for.
He is thorough, systematic and gets things done in time. Communication with different parties to make complex projects happen is one of his biggest strength.
He is also open to challenges that are not written in the job description if they are beneficial for the company.
In addition to being professional in his job he is also a wonderful coworker and a real team player!
Anybody who has a possibility to work with Mike should consider themselves lucky!
Anni Toom
Mr. Michael Maton is the dream of every manager. This is the person who executes no matter how crazy ones vision is, he makes that happen by starting to use his excellent researcher skills, then writes a through product description, calculates estimation of the product and then set's a goal to himself. He has so many qualities that makes him one of the best team player for example, he's always happy and with `` let's do this!`` attitude. He never misses his deadlines, even if the manager tells it's okay to be late few days. He is one of the hardest working product owner/video editor/e-commerce manager/self leader/business minded and friendly person to be around. Wish you all the best to your big future in technology.
Elle Muuga
Mike Maton is very inspiring and joyful person.
Every connection with him is full of his attention and solutions. He is very dedicated and openminded. He is great in teamwork, with his enthusiastic speech he can involve all team. It looked like every note what You give, he draws big picture and makes from it challenge for all group. He searches always for best solutions and every question got answers quickly.
I was honored to work with him.
Ivar Veskioja
Mike is the colleague everyone looks for. He is extremely dedicated to delivering outstanding results without losing his cheer and sense of humor.
Sandra Purviņa
It was a great experience to work together with Mike! We used to work in the same department (only with different projects) and his forward-thinking, in order to implement new tools for the more successful business operations, inspired me a lot. His exceptional workflow, skills, and enthusiasm are always given into every project Mike is willing to take over. If you are working together with Mike and expect that something will be done in a high level, then you can be sure, the actual result will be even better than your expectations because Mike is always ready to go that extra mile for the even better results. And, of course, his British sense of humor will brighten up everybody's day. Good luck, Mike, with your future endeavors!