Eesti Energia

Senior Project Manager (Business Information Technology - BIT)

- Management of the Oil trades software implementation projects.
- Responsibility for the full life cycle of project delivery
- Being the main point of contact for Eesti Energia stakeholders
- Working with cross-functional teams
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Testimonials from Eesti Energia colleges

Rain Tuur
It was my absolute pleasure to work with Mike at Eesti Energia. We worked together in a same team where Mike was a project manager. Michael has a very positive attitude, he has a great energy and enthusiasm. As a person he is very friendly, he has a great sense of humour so it was always very enjoyable to work with him. I very much enjoyed our daily conversations especially when he was speaking in Estonian language. His Estonian is actually coming along very nicely. This kind of effort did not go unnoticed as our team was English speaking team so therefore there was no real need for him to speak in Estonian. This demonstrates his commitment to the team and to his work. And when it comes to his work, Mike is extremely professional and his attention is always focused to the detail.

Mike would be a valuable asset to any company I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Margus Nairis
Mike was a good Leader/Colleague and friend, who helped a lot with digging into very specific project systems. He also brought the necessary people around the table during the projects as he is a very good project communicator and mediator. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Epp Immato
I had a pleasure to work with Mike in the same department at Eesti Energia where we both were Project Managers. Mike is very responsible, clear-thinking, proactive and at the same time always helpful and kind person. It was real fun to work with him.
Madis Piigli
I had a pleasure to work with Mike on various projects at Eesti Energia where Mike was Project Manager. He is always willing to help even if it is out of his scope of work. He is detail oriented person and very good team-player. It was very fun to work with him.