Modera - Accounts: Jamiroquai.com

- Management of complex Web software based projects including CRM, PDM, Intranet and Extranet
Website based projects.
- Leading the Dealer Web and Euopean project for Nissan and KIA to help design and deliver new Nissan and KIA dealer website to all Nordic and Baltic countries. (Over 150+ websites in 7 different languages)
- Responsibility for the full life cycle of project delivery from requirements gathering to QA
- Writing the sales proposals (RFP) for Nissan, KIA and Jamiroquai.com new potential Web projects
- Raising Jira tasks for developers and running weekly sprint and demo meetings.
- Sales Negotiating
- Significant input into User experience and creative work streams
- Being the main point of contact for Nissan stakeholders, KIA stakeholders & Jamiroquai.com stakeholders
- Project managed the Jamiroquai.com VI and UX project with full intergration an
- Working with cross-functional international teams
- Writing detailed Manuals for Nissan's Internal training, and leading Modera's Internal employee training.
- Creating training video's with professional voice over and background music
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Testimonials from Modera colleges

Martin Hallik
I have worked with Mike in the same team for 3 years and it has been my pleasure. Running multiple projects at the same time with Mike cannot be any smoother. He is always one step ahead in the process and it keeps an advantage not to miss any agreed deadlines. He is not afraid to jump into new projects which makes him an asset while working in constantly changing environment.
Sanna Piiroinen
I had a pleasure to work with Mike on various projects in Nissan Nordic Europe while Mike was representing our supplier Modera. I consider Mike very proactive and professional what comes to project management. He is easy to work with and he clearly understands the needs of the customer. He is one happy guy and very fun to work with!
Ivan Kolesnikov
Each project that Mike is leading becoming easier and faster. I really like that Mike delves into all details of the process, paying much attention to technical aspects. It helps me to save a lot of time during development, making work more enjoyable. Mike is professional, and I really like to work with him.
Artem Brovko
I have been working directly with Mike as the Lead Developer for roughly 20 to 30 projects for Nissan.
These projects have ranged from major enhancements (8 month projects) to the Nissan system functionality, but also small back end updates. Mike was in direct contact with the Nissan stakeholders and always communicated directly to all parties who were involved in the project. Mike is a team player, willing to help and share his knowledge with others and support the team when needed. He always tries to establish effective relationships between client and developer, skillfully managing problems and controversies that occur during developing of projects. It is a pleasure to work with Mike.
Henriikka Manninen
I have worked as a customer with Mike for 1,5 years now, There has been 15+ projects.He has been responsible for the full life cycle of project delivery plus support. Projects have been both large and small complex projects from new features to big enhancements. He also created and gave on site user training with full detailed technical manuals.
Mike has been always willing to help in challenging situations and stretched himself to deliver even though it has been out of his scope of work.
He is very personable, nice to work with and would be a fantastic addition to any company he joined.
Max Plakhuta
Mike has extraordinary multi-tasking and team-playing skills. He solves problems fast and smooth. Michael always shares his energy and enthusiasm with his colleagues, and it's a pleasure to work with him.