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Special Projects Team & Sales Accounting Consultant

Special Projects Team & Sales Accounting Consultant
Dates Employed2006 – Mar 2007
Employment Duration1 yr
- Handling client STAR issues that have been transferred from the European Support Centre & Licensing Department
- Investigating of contractual problems to determine root cause, research, resolve & feedback so the client's STAR issues can be resolved
- Working with other teams/departments to ensure TOPS database reflects correct information
- Monitoring of Sales issue queues
- Liaising with the US development team to ensure that TOPS is prepared for implementation of new releases of TOPS and associated software
- Maintaining TOPS security access and applications database for both mainframe and PC environments
- Coordinating training classes for new starters and being available to provide ongoing training

- Master Key AUDIT EMEA (Special Project)
- Responsible for controlling the Master key Audit to compile & maintain knowledge of all open Master Keys and for completing the Master Key Audit process on a quarterly basis
- Overseeing the daily activities of the MKA Audit function
- Signing off the MKA Audit Letters before dispatching to the customer

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Testimonials from Computer Associates colleges

Bernadette Pitt
Mike's extensive range of skills and flexibility were extremely valuable in the Special Projects Team and as a Sales Accounting Coordinator at CA Technologies. He takes on what is asked of him, learns quickly and then is very generous in training and sharing his expertise with colleagues. His positive attitude attitude is infectious so along with his general interests and hobbies Mike is an extremely dependable and fun person to have in the team.