SAP Sales Ordering Processing Consultant

Responsible for the activities of SOP and the daily management of the SOP Functions

- Updating all the Deal Registrations
- Loading the Project Registrations on the partners internet portal
- Identifying and raising opportunities with suppliers
- Taking responsibility for the co-ordination of the Invoicing/Billing of large multi million project based orders
- Ordering all major hardware, whilst liaising with suppliers and technical teams for completion
- Negotiating with suppliers to get the best price for hardware
- Participating in meetings with key accounts / suppliers to discuss the progress of a project
- Managing the Deal Registrations and Price Exception deals from the Sales teams
- Helping to set expectations on the projects and liaise with the sales team to ensure it is accurate
- Ensure that all credit notes are processed promptly and accurately
- Liaising with Sales managers ensuring the progress of significant sales orders is monitored
- Ensuring sales order delivery dates are regularly updated in Exact, and review backlog for accuracy
- Ensuring in house purchase orders are raised and authorised in accordance with company policy before being processed
- Assisting the development of existing and any new staff in SOP
Proactively monitoring the Order in take Reports
- Delivering POD's to Sales Managers.
- Managed all the Stock Audit's
- Liaising with Sales managers when stock has been recited in

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Testimonials from Zetes colleges

Rob Wainwright
Mike worked closely with me on a failing SAP implementation, where he was absolutely key to rescuing the project from its dim and darkest days, chipping away to make sure the business was ready to take it on and go live and then being one of the most proactive and hard-working consultants over the following year as he helped all areas of the business work with SAP. He sought out and took on so much responsibility, gaining strong end user experience of a number of modules within SAP.

He has the attitude to succeed at everything he puts his mind too, is a pleasure to manage and should be extremely proud of his contribution to our business.

Neal Chambers
Mike is a very detail orientated worker who enjoys great working relationships across a company. He is always willing to help and share his own knowledge and as such was always regarded as one of key people in delivering projects in a timely fashion, ensuring that all the relevant information is captured and tracked. He would be a fantastic addition to any company he joined.
Will Lewis
I worked with Mike, in his role as a SuperUser, and he had a good understanding of how SAP and our internal processes related to each other, together with the effects of Master Data on those processes.

He was proactive and an intelligent problem solver, a quick learner, and very personable and I have no hesitation in recommending him within this role.

Simon Youdan
Worked with Mike both in his “Day” job and as part of the company SAP implementation. A great team player with an understanding of the importance of partnering the other KPO’s to achieve a common goal. Good communicator with a focused attention to detail, always fully prepared. Accepted new challenges with great enthusiasm, thoroughly hard working and professional.
Santosh Puthran
Mike has a strong knowledge on SAP MM and he has demonstrated it by training the users at all levels on Zetes implementation. He is a team player and a quick learner. All this has lead to successful project implementation in Zetes.
Roger Bannister
Mike is a hard working and professional individual who has a real eye for attention to detail.

He’s a real team player, and understands the importance of good communication, which he demonstrated many times during the spell I spent working with him.

He's a real pleasure to work with, and would add significant value to any organisation.

Pete Grosse
Mike is a great team player, who understands the importance of consistency, open and clear dialogue and attention to detail when working on major projects. Mike was a vital part of successfully delivering one of my projects with a major supermarket and was always excellently prepared when attending critical end user progress review meetings. His commitment to resolve any queries or issues ensured that the rollout schedules (and expectations of senior stakeholders) were met every time. On a personal note, Mike is a hard working and positive influence on all his colleagues and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any prospective employers.
Peter Gilmour
I have worked with Mike on an SAP implementation where he was responsible for the integrity of the Material Master Data. This a particularly meticulous task requiring considerable concentration over large volumes of data records. Mike not only took the role on with great enthusiasm but enhanced the role by taking responsibility for training colleagues in SAP Material Master Data requirements and creating the processes and tools to establish a Centre of Excellence for the control of Master Data.

Mike is a very personable person with great drive and who hs quick learning skills.

He also brings a great working attitude and a bright personality.

I would be happy to work with and recommend him for other roles.