Project Manager - Marketing / Crypto / People Projects - 1 Years and 1 months
Jul 2022 - Jun - 2023

Yolo Group was established in 2014, primarily as a B2B platform provider. One of our first brands was Bitcasino.io, which is the world’s first licensed bitcoin casino to offer an experience comparable to the world’s leading fiat online casinos and is built upon Yolo Group’s proprietary gaming platform.

After quickly establishing itself as the number one choice for bitcoin gaming, we launched a standalone sportsbook, Sportsbet.io, in 2016 ahead of that summer’s European Championships.

WhaT I did

●  Develop and maintain project plans, including scope, goals, timelines, and required resources,
within Jira, Confluence, and Advanced Roadmap.
●  Establish project management tools and processes, and define roles and responsibilities for
project team members for each sprint.
●  Execute Marketing / Crypto and People Projects using Agile methodologies, track progress, and
report on project status using Jira and eazyBI (Automated eazyBI reporting).
●  Monitor project progress and manage risks and issues, document changes, and provide regular
updates to stakeholders.
●  Complete Marketing / Crypto and People projects, including delivering project outcomes,
conducting project reviews, and documenting lessons learned (Retrospective) in Confluence.
●  Develop and lead the project for the People team to establish frameworks for all 1000+
employees, aiming to promote consistency and improve the community management framework
within our business by implementing best practices and creating a structured and standardized
approach to community management.
●  Manage project budgets and track project costs, and report on project financial performance and
time using Tempo in Jira.
●  Develop and maintain project documentation, including project charters, project plans, and project
status reports, using Confluence.
●  Collaborate with stakeholders, including internal teams, external developers (Betegy), and clients,
to ensure successful project outcomes.
●  Continuously improve project management processes and tools, provide training, support, and
documentation to project team members, and ensure the PMO operates at a consistent level