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Michael John Christopher Maton

Mike Maton

A dedicated and enthusiastic professional with an excellent working experience from the United Kingdom and Estonia. He has been responsible for IT Business developments and Senior Project management for companies like Eesti Energia, Modera, 1Office, Nissan Europe and (EMI Music).

He has also been responsible for communicating with companies and organisations like NATO, MOD, McLaren F1, British Airways, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Burberry etc.
He has an excellent working knowledge of Project Management methodology and experience with SAP, Jira, Confluence, Allegro from both an end-user and implementer’s perspective.

He is also specialised in managing relationships with key customer accounts to ensure that the highest standards of service are delivered. Possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate concisely at all levels. Enjoying being part of a successful and productive team and thrive in highly pressurised and challenging working environments.

For fun, Mike has his own recording studio that produces Music, Native English Voice over audios and Videos for companies like Nissan, KIA, Estonian e-Residency, Super Office, Glens, Score music and more

My Skills

Love to help businesses create successful digital platforms that deliver results.

I have extensive working experience as an IT Development Manager and Senior Project Management at IT companies in Tallinn and the UK, providing service for many internationally known companies and government organizations.

Currently I work at Yolo, and before at 1Office as an IT Development management for implementing the new Global website and building their new self service portal.

Prior to that I was working for Eesti Energia and Modera, being responsible for managing the EMEA projects. At Modera I also managed the developments of Nissan Nordic Europe websites (200+ Websites), KIA websites and G4S website, and did the Major upgrade website for the UK band Jamiroquai ( working with EMI Music.

(No. 01)


As a Business and IT Development Manager, I lead the charge in aligning our business strategies with cutting-edge information technology solutions. I’m the driving force behind the development and implementation of IT initiatives that not only streamline our operations but also give us a competitive edge in the market.

(No. 02)


As an IT Project Manager, I’m the orchestrator of successful technology endeavors within our organization. My role revolves around overseeing and steering IT projects from inception to completion, ensuring that they align seamlessly with our business objectives.

(No. 03)


As an eCommerce WordPress Developer, I am the architect behind the digital storefront, creating seamless and engaging online experiences for our customers. My role extends beyond mere website development; I am a digital craftsman who combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of user behavior and business goals.

(No. 04)


As an API and IT System Automation Manager, I play a pivotal role in orchestrating the seamless integration of technologies, ensuring efficient data flow, and system automation. My responsibilities extend across various domains, showcasing a multifaceted approach to technology management.

(No. 05)


As an IT Support Specialist for the entire 1Office ecosystem, my role is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of all technology-related aspects within the organization.

2023 (Estonia)

I’m happy to write a recommendation for Mike, a colleague I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with at the WebLock team.
Mike is not only highly professional and organized but also incredibly methodical in his approach. His attention to detail and systematic work style ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and accurately. What sets Mike apart is his ability to balance innovation with practicality, making him both creative and pragmatic in his work.

Mike is quick, precise, and always hands-on, consistently delivering high-quality results. His empathetic nature and occasional (and admittedly cheesy) dad-jokes help maintain a positive and a friendly working environment for everyone around him.

In addition to his professional skills, Mike is a fantastic team player and a reliable friend. He readily collaborates with others, offering support and guidance whenever needed. Mike’s approachable personality and genuine kindness make him a joy to work with.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mike, confident that his professional expertise and friendly disposition make him a valuable asset to any organization. He would undoubtedly be an excellent addition to any team.


Mari Leiner

Chief Operations Officer

2023 (Estonia)

Michael is an incredibly versatile and creative person. Once he becomes interested in an idea or technology, he will dig deep to understand it on an advance user level (at lest) and will enthusiastically share the knowledge he has acquired.
 He has great attention to detail, every little thing will be checked out and tested, and made use of.
His passion for knowledge is practical, he will immediately put new principles and instruments to work, to advance whatever product or project he is working on currently.
He is happy to share the knowledge, to teach what he has himself learned, and prompts others to use new things to their advantage, to work smarter, faster, in a more efficient way.
He is a great colleague, both as a professional and a person: he is very comfortable to be around and to share a project with, very attentive, very supportive, happy both to learn and to teach.


Jelena (Schmidt) Tammisto

Technical Writer / Marketing Content Writer at The Coingaming Group

2023 (Estonia)

Working with Mike was a short and sweet journey, during which it was clear from the first steps the immense professional knowledge, passion and empathy he brought to the team.

Mike is a rare gem who cared for his team at the same level as one would for their kids, which was completely natural to him and enabled him to really empower, make shine and help bring out the best in the people around him. He took action to solve any problems, be it in documentation and communication management, and always focused on solutions.

Furthermore Mike has completely unexpected ways of bringing value to the team – be it creating the PMO team’s first (legendary) animated musical video or just convincing the team to order lunch from Gotsu.

I am fully confident that any team having Mike should consider them to be extremely lucky. If all the teams had their Mike, the world would be a much better place.


Georg Nero

Fintech Product Owner @ Yolo Group

2023 (Estonia)

Mike is an extremely skilled and goal-oriented professional, whose impact started to be felt right on after he joined Yolo Group. It`s been an absolute pleasure to work with Mike. He is communicative, friendly, while extremely efficient, fast and to the point, transforming scattered pieces of a project into an organized and comprehensive picture.


Anna Sukha

Media Buyer at Yolo Group

2023 (Estonia)

Mike is an excellent co-worker with whom we shared similar values and understandings which made our daily life working together a bliss.
Many years in Project Management have given him expert knowledge how to manage difficult projects and people around them.
He is excellent communicator and knows his way around people which is perfect for excellent teamwork. Mike’s dad jokes will always come handy when fun is needed to be added to your daily work-life!


Britt Maasalu

Analyst-Project Manager(APM) @ MindTitan

2023 (Estonia)

Mike is a great communicator and perfect with organising and setting structure to big and small projects. He clearly sets up a tone on meetings, creates valuable agenda and raises relevant questions in order to find right people to resolve an issue or can chase after certain people to receive a result.
Mike is a reliable and supportive member of the team who can help with any kind of issues, you can confirm it yourself, just need to ask!


Elina Hapajeva

Creative Coordinator at Yolo Group

2023 (Estonia)

By far one of the most fun guys I’ve ever worked with – and somehow he managed to get the job (very well) done. Always been willing to support his colleagues, lending a helping hand. Unafraid of challenges and taking a more serious stance if needed, but always with a small on his face and with an incredible focus on the people around him and their well-being.

I still haven’t forgiven him for changing jobs, though.


Felipe Rezende

Building exciting and useful solutions – together! 🤝

2022 (Estonia)

Mike is one of the best developers and project managers I have ever seen. Strong communication skills, documentation for each project, and understandably presenting them to people with little or no technical background is what Mike does best. A positive mindset is what comes with Mike.


Filipp Zubets

Positively-minded sales and marketing person is crucial to help the brand grow. I am your guy for that kind of job.

2022 (Estonia)

It has been a pleasure working with Mike. He has a very technical mindset and is always dedicated to get his projects implemented and finished to the fullest extent. Along with his willingness to constantly help out, he is also a very good communicator and able to multitask exceptionally, so it has been easy to understand each other on topics that need to get done and how it should be done.
Professional at his work and a great team player!


Tauno Linn

Helping businesses develop conversion based digital marketing strategies

2022 (Estonia)

The most amazing developer to ever work with, it was genuinely a pleasure to have Mike around as a colleague.

Not only is he an expert in what he does, but he’s also got a great sense of humour, so it’s a pleasure to be around him and to just hang out and chit-chat.

Overall, a great honor to work with such a man. Would love to work together in the future.


Igor Korzun

Listing Manager at Hexn

2018 (Estonia)

Mike is truly one of the most dedicated and professional coworkers anybody could ever wish for.
He is thorough, systematic and gets things done in time. Communication with different parties to make complex projects happen is one of his biggest strenght.
He is also open to challenges that are not written in the job description if they are beneficial for the company.
In addition to being professional in his job he is also a wonderful coworker and a real team player!
Anybody who has a possibility to work with Mike should consider themselves lucky!


Kadri Raig

Freelance Marketing Expert, Yoga teacher, Recipe Writer, Life Lover

2018 (Estonia)

It was a great experience to work together with Mike! We used to work in the same department (only with different projects) and his forward-thinking, in order to implement new tools for the more successful business operations, inspired me a lot.
His exceptional workflow, skills, and enthusiasm are always given into every project Mike is willing to take over. If you are working together with Mike and expect that something will be done in a high level, then you can be sure, the actual result will be even better than your expectations because Mike is always ready to go that extra mile for the even better results. And, of course, his British sense of humor will brighten up everybody’s day. Good luck, Mike, with your future endeavors!


Sandra Purviņa

Founder at Consultwise

2018 (Estonia)

Mike is the colleague everyone looks for. He is extremely dedicated to delivering outstanding results without losing his cheer and sense of humor.


Ivar Veskioja

e-Residency and e-Estonia marketer

2018 (Estonia)

Mike Maton is very inspiring and joyful person.
Every connection with him is full of his attention and solutions. He is very dedicated and openminded. He is great in teamwork, with his enthusiastic speech he can involve all team. It looked like every note what You give, he draws big picture and makes from it challenge for all group. He searches always for best solutions and every question got answers quickly.
I was honored to work with him.


Elle Muuga

Business Coach and Strategist 💎 Leadership trainings 💎 Risk Management 💎 Business operations

2018 (Estonia)

Mr. Michael Maton is the dream of every manager. This is the person who executes no matter how crazy ones vision is, he makes that happen by starting to use his excellent researcher skills, then writes a through product description, calculates estimation of the product and then set’s a goal to himself. He has so many qualities that makes him one of the best team player for example, he’s always happy and with ” let’s do this!” attitude.
He never misses his deadlines, even if the manager tells it’s okay to be late few days. He is one of the hardest working product owner/video editor/e-commerce manager/self leader/business minded and friendly person to be around. Wish you all the best to your big future in technology.


Anni Toom

Executive Coach with 8+ years of experience with leading companies

2017 (Estonia)

It was my absolute pleasure to work with Mike at Eesti Energia. We worked together in a same team where Mike was a project manager. Michael has a very positive attitude, he has a great energy and enthusiasm. As a person he is very friendly, he has a great sense of humour so it was always very enjoyable to work with him. I very much enjoyed our daily conversations especially when he was speaking in Estonian language. His Estonian is actually coming along very nicely. This kind of effort did not go unnoticed as our team was English speaking team so therefore there was no real need for him to speak in Estonian. This demonstrates his commitment to the team and to his work. And when it comes to his work, Mike is extremely professional and his attention is always focused to the detail.
Mike would be a valuable asset to any company I would not hesitate in recommending him.


Rain Tüür

Software Developer and Lecturer

2017 (Estonia)

Mike was a good Leader/Colleague and friend, who helped a lot with digging into very specific project systems.
He also brought the necessary people around the table during the projects as he is a very good project communicator and mediator. It was a pleasure to work with him.


Margus Nairis

Developer at LHV

2017 (Estonia)

Mike has been very supportive and great help during the project. Great team player, always very positive and goal oriented.


Christina Peterson

Eesti Energia / IT Program Manager - Holm

2017 (Estonia)

I had a pleasure to work with Mike in the same department at Eesti Energia where we both were Project Managers.
Mike is very responsible, clear-thinking, proactive and at the same time always helpful and kind person. It was real fun to work with him.


Epp Immato

Eesti Energia - Head of Data Management and Data Analysis Department at Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre

2014 (Estonia)

I had a pleasure to work with Mike on various projects at Eesti Energia where Mike was Project Manager. He is always willing to help even
if it is out of his scope of
He is detail oriented person and very good team-player. It was very fun to work with him.


Madis Piigli

Eesti Energia - Contractor | Consultant | Test Automation Architect | Senior SDET

2016 (Estonia)

I have worked with Mike in the same team for 3 years and it has been my pleasure. Running multiple projects at the same time with Mike cannot be any smoother.
He is always one step ahead in the process and it keeps an advantage not to miss any agreed deadlines. He is not afraid to jump into new projects which makes him an asset while working in constantly changing environment.

Martin Halik

Martin Hallik

Nissan - Advertising and Commercial Photographer and cinematographer

2016 (Finland)

I had a pleasure to work with Mike on various projects in Nissan Nordic Europe while Mike was representing our supplier Modera.
I consider Mike very proactive and professional what comes to project management. He is easy to work with and he clearly understands the needs of the customer. He is one happy guy and very fun to work with!


Sanna Piiroinen

Multitalent in CX, CSM, project mgmt

2016 (Estonia/Ukraine)

Each project that Mike is leading becoming easier and faster. I really like that Mike delves into all details of the process, paying much attention to technical aspects. It helps me to save a lot of time during development, making work more enjoyable. Mike is professional, and I really like to work with him.


Ivan Kolesnikov

Front-end developer - Modera

2015 (Estonia/Ukraine)

I have been working directly with Mike as the Lead Developer for roughly 20 to 30 projects for Nissan.
These projects have ranged from major enhancements (8 month projects) to the Nissan system functionality, but also small back end updates. Mike was in direct contact with the Nissan stakeholders and always communicated directly to all parties who were involved in the project. Mike is a team player, willing to help and share his knowledge with others and support the team when needed. He always tries to establish effective relationships between client and developer, skillfully managing problems and controversies that occur during developing of projects. It is a pleasure to work with Mike.


Brovko Artem

Software Engineer – Modera Group

2015 (Finland)

I have worked as a customer with Mike for 1,5 years now, There has been 15+ projects.He has been responsible for the full life cycle of project delivery plus support. Projects have been both large and small complex projects from new features to big enhancements. He also created and gave on site user training with full detailed technical manuals.
Mike has been always willing to help in challenging situations and stretched himself to deliver even though it has been out of his scope of work.
He is very personable, nice to work with and would be a fantastic addition to any company he joined.


Henriikka Manninen - Nissan

Executive Director at Espoon Jäätaiturit ry

2014 (Estonia)

Mike has extraordinary multi-tasking and team-playing skills. He solves problems fast and smooth.
Michael always shares his energy and enthusiasm with his colleagues, and it’s a pleasure to work with him.


Max Plakhuta

Software Developer at IBM

2013 (UK)

Mike is a very detail orientated worker who enjoys great working relationships across a company. He is always willing to help and share his own knowledge and as such was always regarded as one of key people in delivering projects in a timely fashion, ensuring that all the relevant information is captured and tracked. He would be a fantastic addition to any company he joined.


Neal Chambers

Account Manager UK and Ireland at Lectra

2013 (UK)

I worked with Mike, in his role as a SuperUser, and he had a good understanding of how SAP and our internal processes related to each other, together with the effects of Master Data on those processes.
He was proactive and an intelligent problem solver, a quick learner, and very personable and I have no hesitation in recommending him within this role.


Will Lewis

Analyst/Programmer at Zetes UK Ltd

2013 (UK)

Mike’s extensive range of skills and flexibility were extremely valuable in the Special Projects Team and as a Sales Accounting Coordinator at CA Technologies. He takes on what is asked of him, learns quickly and then is very generous in training and sharing his expertise with colleagues. His positive attitude attitude is infectious so along with his general interests and hobbies Mike is an extremely dependable and fun person to have in the team.


Bernadette Pitt

Client Management Executive at ieDigital

2013 (UK)

Worked with Mike both in his “Day” job and as part of the company SAP implementation. A great team player with an understanding of the importance of partnering the other KPO’s to achieve a common goal. Good communicator with a focused attention to detail, always fully prepared. Accepted new challenges with great enthusiasm, thoroughly hard working and professional.


Simon Youdan

Independent Contractor specialising in Customer Service Management and Operational Support

2012 (UK)

Mike worked closely with me on a failing SAP implementation, where he was absolutely key to rescuing the project from its dim and darkest days, chipping away to make sure the business was ready to take it on and go live and then being one of the most proactive and hard-working consultants over the following year as he helped all areas of the business work with SAP. He sought out and took on so much responsibility, gaining strong end user experience of a number of modules within SAP.
He has the attitude to succeed at everything he puts his mind too, is a pleasure to manage and should be extremely proud of his contribution to our business.


Rob Wainwright

Programme Manager

2011 (UK)

Mike has a strong knowledge on SAP MM and he has demonstrated it by training the users at all levels on Zetes implementation. He is a team player and a quick learner. All this has lead to successful project implementation in Zetes.


Santosh Puthran

Experienced and Certified SAP S4 HANA Finance Consultant │Remote consulting │

2011 (UK)

Mike is a hard working and professional individual who has a real eye for attention to detail.

He’s a real team player, and understands the importance of good communication, which he demonstrated many times during the spell I spent working with him.

He’s a real pleasure to work with, and would add significant value to any organisation.


Roger Bannister

#Retail #Hospitality #Grocery #Tech Professional, Helping Customers to #Innovate. #CX

2011 (UK)

Mike is a great team player, who understands the importance of consistency, open and clear dialogue and attention to detail when working on major projects. Mike was a vital part of successfully delivering one of my projects with a major supermarket and was always excellently prepared when attending critical end user progress review meetings. His commitment to resolve any queries or issues ensured that the rollout schedules (and expectations of senior stakeholders) were met every time. On a personal note, Mike is a hard working and positive influence on all his colleagues and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any prospective employers.


Pete Grosse

Chief People Officer at FSP

2011 (UK)

I have worked with Mike on an SAP implementation where he was responsible for the integrity of the Material Master Data. This a particularly meticulous task requiring considerable concentration over large volumes of data records. Mike not only took the role on with great enthusiasm but enhanced the role by taking responsibility for training colleagues in SAP Material Master Data requirements and creating the processes and tools to establish a Centre of Excellence for the control of Master Data.

Mike is a very personable person with great drive and who hs quick learning skills.

He also brings a great working attitude and a bright personality.

I would be happy to work with and recommend him for other roles.

Peter Gilmour

Peter G

Peter Gilmour


Companies i have worked with

I have had an amazing opportunity to work with some very exciting projects and organizations, from small project to large corporate developments. Most of these projects I have been reporting to the directors and shareholders of the company.

Currently I work at Yolo Group as an Project Manager for implementing the new people projects and crypto projects.

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